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Table of Bracket Sizes For Popular Vehicles

Your vehicle’s bracket size is based upon the depth of the bumper measured from the front vertical edge of the bumper to the grill behind the bumper. Scroll through the table below or enter your vehicle in the search box, determine your size, then place your order.

N/A means that unfortunately the car’s bumper is too shallow to accommodate a bracket of any size.

Don’t see your vehicle in the table? Measure your bumper to find the perfect size.

AcuraILX Premium 2014Medium
AcuraILX Hybrid Tech 2014Medium
AcuraMDX Advance 2011Medium
AcuraMDX 2012N/A
AcuraMDX 2014Short
AcuraMDX Tech 2013Extra Long
AcuraMDX AWD ENT 2014Medium
AcuraRDX AWD Tech 2014N/A
AcuraRL AdvanceExtra Short
AcuraRL Tech 2012Short
AcuraRLX 2013Short
AcuraRLX Advance 2014Medium
AcuraRLX Sport Hybrid AWD 2014Short
AcuraTL 2013XL
AcuraTL-SH-AWD 2013N/A
AcuraTL-SH-AWD Advance 2014N/A
AcuraTSX 2011Extra Short
AcuraTSX 2011Extra Short
AcuraTSX, TSX Tech 2013Extra Short
AcuraTSX Tech 2014N/A
AcuraZDX AdvanceMedium
AcuraZDX Tech 2012N/A
AudiA3, A4, A6, A8L, GT Coupe, Q7, RS4 Cabriolet <2011N/A
AudiA3 Etron 2012Extra Short
AudiA3 Etron 2017N/A
AudiA3 TDI 2012N/A
AudiA3 Sedan 2014Extra Short
AudiA4 2014Extra Short
AudiA4 2015Short
AudiA4 2017N/A
AudiA5 Cabriolet 2012N/A
AudiA5 2.0 2014Extra Short
AudiA6 2011Medium
AudiA6-TDI 2013Short
AudiA6-TDI 2014Extra Short
AudiA6 2017N/A
AudiA7 2013Short
AudiA7 TDI 2014Short
AudiA8L 2011-13Medium
AudiA8L-TDI 2014Extra Short
AudiA8 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
AudiAllroad 2012Medium
AudiAllroad 2013, 2014Short
AudiQ3 2017N/A
AudiQ5 2012Extra Short
AudiQ7-TDI 2013Short
AudiQ7 2017N/A
AudiR8 2010-2012Medium
AudiR8 V10 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
AudiR8 Spyder 2011Short
AudiR8 Spyder 2012Extra Short
AudiRS5 Coupe 2012Short
AudiRS5 Coupe 2013Medium
AudiRS7 2014Extra Short
AudiRS7 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
AudiS3 2017N/A
AudiS4 2012, 2014Extra Short
AudiS4 2013Short
AudiSQ5 2013, 2014Extra Short
AudiS6 2012Extra Short
AudiS6 2013Short
AudiS7 2012Extra Short
AudiS7 2013Short
AudiS8 2013-14Extra Short
AudiTTS Coupe 2012Extra Short
BentleyCoupeExtra Short
BentleyContinental GTShort
BentleyFlying SpurN/A
BMW128i, 135i Coupe & Convertible 2008-13Short
BMW1 Series M <2011Medium
BMW1 Series M 2011Short
BMW228i Coupe 2014Short
BMWM235i Coupe 2015-2016Medium
BMWM240i, M2 2017Medium
BMW325i/ci, 328i/ci, 330i/ci (E46) 1999-2006Short
BMW328i sedan 2012Short
BMW328d xDrive Sports Wagon 2014Short
BMW330i with performance package (E46)Short
BMW325i/328i/330i/335i coupe (E92) 2006-2008 & sedan (E90)Medium
BMW328i, 335i (E90, E92, E93, F30) 2009-2013Short
BMW328i 2016Short
BMW3 Series with M-Sport package - 2011Extra Short
BMW328i, 328Xi, 335i, 335Xi with M sport line (F30) 2012-2013Medium
BMW330i Performance 2017Short
BMW340i 2016Extra Short
BMWM3 (E36) 1992-1999Extra Short
BMWM3 (E46) 1999-2006Medium
BMWM3 (E90, E92, E93) 2008-2010Short
BMWM3 Coupe 2011Short
BMWM3 Sedan 2014Medium
BMWM3 2015-2017Medium
BMW428i, 435i (F32), Convertible 2014Short
BMW435i xDrive Coupe 2014Short
BMW435i Gran Coupe 2015Short
BMW435i Gran Coupe 2016Extra Short
BMW440i xDrive Gran Coupe 2017Short
BMWM4 Coupe, Convertible 2014-17Medium
BMW(E39) 1995-2003Medium
BMW5-series sedan (E60) 2004-2009Short
BMW5-series sedan (F10) 2010Short
BMW528i, 535i (F10) 2011-12Extra Short
BMW528i 2013Short
BMW528i 2016Extra Short
BMW530i xDrive Sedan 2017Medium
BMW535i 2013Extra Short
BMW535d 2014Extra Short
BMW535i Gran Turismo 2014Short
BMW550 2011Short
BMW550iGTExtra Short
BMWM5 (E39) 1997-2003Short
BMWM5 (E60) 2004-2010Short
BMWM5 (F10) 2010-11Short
BMWM5 2012, 2013Medium
BMW640i Convertible 2012Extra Short
BMW650i Coupe & Convertible 2011-2012Extra Short
BMW650i Gran CoupeShort
BMW650i Convertible 2015Extra Short
BMWM6 (E63) 2004Medium
BMWM6 ConvertibleMedium
BMW740i 2012Short
BMW750i/Li 2009-2010Medium
BMW750i 2011-12Short
BMW750i/Li 2009-2010Medium
BMW740i/Li, 750i/Li, 760i/Li 2013-2014Extra Short
BMW740Li xDrive 2015N/A
BMW740 xDrive 2017Short
BMW760i 2017Short
BMWX1, X1 xDrive 35iShort
BMWX3 2017Medium
BMWX3 xDrive 28d 2015-2016Short
BMWX5, X5M 2017Short
BMWX5 xDrive 50iMedium
BMWX6, X6MShort
BMWX6 xDrive 50i 2014N/A
BMWX6 xDrive 50i 2017Medium
BMWZ3 M CoupeExtra Long
BMW(E85/E86) 2003-2008Medium
BMW(E89) 2009+Extra Short
BMWAlpina B7Medium
BMWZ4 Roadster 2003-2008Medium
BMWZ4 Roadster 2009-2011Extra Short
BMWZ4 Roadster 2012Medium
BMWZ4 Roadster 2013-14Extra Short
BMWZ4 M Roadster 2011Medium
BMWi3 2017Short
BMWi8 2017Long
BuickCascada 2017 (mounts on lower section)Long
BuickEnclave <2011Medium
BuickEnclave 2011Long
BuickEnclave 2012Medium
BuickEnclave 2013Short
BuickEnclave 2014Medium
BuickEnclave 2017Medium
BuickEncore 2013Short
BuickEncore 2014Short
BuickEncore 2017Extra Short
BuickEnvision 2017 (mounts on bottom)Long
BuickLacrosse 2011Long
BuickLacrosse 2012Medium
BuickLacrosse 2013Short
BuickLacrosse 2017N/A
BuickLucerne 2011Long
BuickRegal <2011Medium
BuickRegal <2017Short
BuickRegal CXL Turbo Sedan 2011Medium
BuickRegal GS 2011-12Short
BuickRegal GS 2013Extra Short
BuickRegal Turbo 2012Medium
BuickRegal Turbo 2013Short
BuickSierra 2012Medium
BuickVerano 2013Short
CadillacATS 2014-17N/A
CadillacCTS, STS <2011N/A
CadillacCTS-V 2011Extra Short
CadillacCTS 2011-13Extra Short
CadillacCTS 2014N/A
CadillacCTS 2015, 2017Short
CadillacCT6 2017Extra Short
CadillacSTS 2011Short
CadillacXTS 2016-2017N/A
CadillacEscalade 2013S
CadillacEscalade ESV <2011Medium
CadillacEscalade ESV 2011Short
CadillacEscalade EXTN/A
CadillacEscalade Hybrid 2012N/A
CadillacEscalade 2012N/A
CadillacEscalade Hybrid 2011Short
CadillacEscalade SRXMedium
CadillacEscalade 2016Extra Short
CadillacDTS, SRS <2011Short
CadillacDTS 2011Medium
CadillacSRX 2012Long
CadillacSRX 2015Short
CadillacSRX 2014Short
CadillacSRX Crossover 2016Extra Short
CadillacXTS 2013Long
CadillacXTS 2014-15 (mounts on bottom)Medium
ChevroletAvalanche 2011Medium
ChevroletAvalanche 2012N/A
ChevroletAveo 2010Medium
ChevroletAveo 51LT 2011N/A
ChevroletBolt 2017N/A
ChevroletCobalt SS TurboMedium
ChevroletCobalt, Cobalt CoupeShort
ChevroletColorado 2010N/A
ChevroletColdorado 2011Long
ChevroletCorvette, Z06 <2011Medium
ChevroletCorvette, Base, Z06, ZR1 and GS 2009 - 2011Long
ChevroletCorvette 2012Long
ChevroletCorvette 2017 (mounts on bottom)Extra Long
ChevroletCorvette, Corvette Stingray 2014N/A
ChevroletCruze 2012 (Mounts under fender)Medium
ChevroletCruze 2013-14N/A
ChevroletEquinox AWD LTZ <2011Medium
ChevroletEquinox AWD LTZ 2011Short
ChevroletEquinox 2012Short
ChevroletEquinox 2013N/A
ChevroletEquinox 2014Long
ChevroletEquinox 2017N/A
ChevroletImpala 2011Short
ChevroletImpala 2012Extra Short
ChevroletImpala 2013Short
ChevroletImpala 2014Medium
ChevroletMalibu 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
ChevroletMalibu ILZ 2012Meium
ChevroletMalibu 2013N/A
ChevroletMalibu 2014Medium
ChevroletSilverado 2011Short
ChevroletSilverado 2012Short
ChevroletSilverado LT2 2014N/A
ChevroletSonic 2012-13Extra Short
ChevroletSonic RS Hatchback 2013N/A
ChevroletSonic 2017Extra Short
ChevroletSpark 2012-13Extra Short
ChevroletSpark 2014Short
ChevroletSpark 2017N/A
ChevroletSS 2014Short
ChevroletSuburban 2011Medium
ChevroletTahoe 2011N/A
ChevroletTahoe 2012Medium
ChevroletTraverse 2011Extra Short
ChevroletTraverse 2012N/A
ChevroletTraverse 2014N/A
ChevroletTrax 2017Extra Short
ChevroletVolt 2011Medium
ChevroletVolt 2012N/A
ChevroletVolt 2013Short
ChevroletVolt 2014Medium
ChevroletVolt 2017 (mounts on bottom)Long
ChryslerC300 <2011Extra Long
Chrysler200 2012Short
Chrysler200 2013Medium
Chrysler200s 2017N/A
Chrysler300, 300 SRT 2012-13Extra Short
Chrysler300 2017N/A
Chrysler300s 2017N/A
Chrysler300 C 2014Short
ChryslerPT CruiserN/A
ChryslerTown & Country 2008Long
ChryslerTown & Country 2011N/A
ChryslerTown & Country 2013Medium
ChryslerTown & Country 2014Short
DodgeAvenger 2010Medium
DodgeAvenger 2011Long
DodgeAvenger 2012, 2014Medium
DodgeCaliber <2011N/A
DodgeCaliber 2011Extra Short
DodgeChallengerExtra Long
DodgeChallenger R/TN/A
DodgeChallenger SRT8 2011Extra Long
DodgeChallenger SRT 2012-14N/A
DodgeChallenger 300 2012Medium
DodgeChallenger Rallye 2011N/A
DodgeChallenger Rallye Plus 2011Short
DodgeChallenger Hellcat 2015Extra Long
DodgeCharger RT <2011Extra Long
DodgeCharger RT 4WD 2011-12Extra Short
DodgeCharger RT 4WD 2013Short
DodgeCharger SRT8 2012 - 13Medium
DodgeCharger SRT 2017N/A
DodgeCharger 2014, 2017Short
DodgeDart 2012-14Medium
DodgeDart GT 2017Short
DodgeDurango 2011-13Medium
DodgeDurango 2014Short
DodgeGrand Caravan 2011-12Short
DodgeGrand Caravan 2013Short
DodgeGrand Caravan 2014Medium
DodgeGrand Caravan SE 2017N/A
DodgeJourney 2012-13N/A
DodgeJourney 2014Short
DodgeNitro Detonator 2011Short
DodgeRam 1500 2014Medium
DodgeRam 1500 chrome bumper 2014N/A
DodgeRam 2500 2014N/A
DodgeRam 3500 2014N/A
DodgeViper GTS 2014Extra Short
Ferrari360 ModenaLong
Fiat500, 500 Cabrio 2011-14Extra Short
Fiat500e 2017Extra Short
Fiat500 Abarth 2012-13N/A
Fiat500 Abarth 2014 (mounts on bottom of grill)Medium
Fiat500 C GQ Edition 2014 (mounts on bottom of grill)Medium
Fiat500 L 2013N/A
Fiat500 L 2014Short
Fiat500x 2016Extra Short
Fiat124 SPiderN/A
FordC-Max 2013Extra Short
FordC-Max Energi 2014Extra Short
FordEdge <2011Medium
FordEdge 2011-14N/A
FordEdge 2017N/A
FordEscape 2011Short
FordEscape 2012-14Extra Short
FordExpedition 2014Extra Short
FordExplorer 2013-14Short
FordF150 2012, 2014N/A
FordFiesta 2011Extra Short
FordFiesta 2012Extra Short
FordFiesta 2013Short
FordFiesta 2014N/A
FordFiesta 2017 (mount on bottom)Medium
FordFiesta ST 2013Medium
FordFiesta ST 2014Short
FordFlex <2010Medium
FordFlex 2011Long
FordFlex SEL 2012Extra Short
FordFlex 2013-14, 2017N/A
FordFocus 2010Short
FordFocus 2011Extra Short
FordFocus 2012Medium
FordFocus 2013Short
FordFocus 2014Extra Short
FordFocus 2017N/A
FordFocus ST 2013Medium
FordFocus Electric 2014Extra Short
FordFusion 2010Short
FordFusion 2011Extra Short
FordFusion 2012, 2013Extra Short
FordFusion 2017N/A
FordFusion SE 2014Extra Short
FordFusion Hybrid 2011Short
FordFusion Hybrid 2014Extra Short
FordMustang Coupe 2010Long
FordMustang Coupe 2013-14N/A
FordMustang GT 2009Long
FordMustang GT 2010Extra Long
FordMustang BullittLong
FordMustang Boss Iguana SECA 2011Long
FordMustang Boss 2012N/A
FordMustang Shelby 2010Long
FordMustang Shelby GT500 2012Short
FordMustang Shelby GT 2013N/A
FordMustang Shelby GT500 2014Short
FordMustang V6Medium
FordTaurus <2010N/A
FordTaurus 2010Short
FordTaurus 2012-14N/A
FordTaurus SHO 2014Short
FordTaurus SHO 2017N/A
FordTransit Connect 2014Short
FordTransit Connect 2017N/A
GMCAcadia <2011Medium
GMCAcadia 2011Short
GMCAcadia 2014Short
GMCAcadia FWD SLE 2012Medium
GMCAcadia Denali 2014Short
GMCCanyon <2011Long
GMCCanyon 2011Medium
GMCDenali 2011Short
GMCDenali 2012Medium
GMCJeep Compass Latitude 2011Short
GMCJeep Compass 2012, 2014Medium
GMCJeep Grand Cherokee 2011, 2012N/A
GMCJeep Grand Cherokee 2014Short
GMCJeep Cherokee 2014Short
GMCJeep SRT8 2012Medium
GMCJeep Liberty 2011Medium
GMCJeep Patriot Lattitude 2011Short
GMCJeep Wrangler 2011, 2014Short
GMCTerrain <2011Medium
GMCTerrain 2011Short
GMCTerrain 2012Medium
GMCTerrain 2014Short
GMCTerrain Denali 2014Short
GMCYukon <2011N/A
GMCYukon 2011Short
GMCYukon 2012N/A
HondaAccord <2010Long
HondaAccord 2010Short
HondaAccord 2011Medium
HondaAccord 2 Door 2012Medium
HondaAccord 4 Door 2012Short
HondaAccord 2013Extra Short
HondaAccord 2017Medium
HondaAcura TLMedium
HondaAcura MDX AdvanceMedium
HondaAcura TSXMedium
HondaAcura AL TechShort
HondaAcura RDXMedium
HondaAcura Type SN/A
HondaCivic 2010Medium
HondaCivic 2011Short
HondaCivic 2 Door 2012Medium
HondaCivic 4 Door 2012Short
HondaCivic 2013Medium
HondaCivic 2017Short
HondaCivic Touring 2017Extra Short
HondaCrosstour 2012Short
HondaCrosstour 2013N/A
HondaCRV 2011Long
HondaCRV 2012N/A
HondaCRZ 2010Medium
HondaCRZ 2011Extra Short
HondaCRZ 2012-13Short
HondaElement 2010Medium
HondaElement 2011Short
HondaFit 2013N/A
HondaFit 2017Extra Short
HondaHRV 2016Short
HondaHRV 2017Extra Short
HondaInsight 2011Short
HondaInsight 2012N/A
HondaOdyssey 2011Medium
HondaOdyssey 5 Door 2012Medium
HondaPilot 2010Short
HondaPilot 2011Medium
HondaRidgeline <2011Short
HondaRidgeline 2011Medium
HondaRidgeline 2012N/A
HyundaiAccent 2011Medium
HyundaiAccent 2012-14N/A
HyundaiAzera 2012-15Short
HyundaiAzera 2017Extra Short
HyundaiEquus 2012Short
HyundaiEquus 2013Short
HyundaiEquus 2014N/A
HyundaiElantra 2011, 2014Short
HyundaiElantra 2012, 2013Extra Short
HyundaiElantra 2017Medium
HyundaiElantra Coupe 2013-14Short
HyundaiElantra GT 2013-15N/A
HyundaiElantra Touring 2011N/A
HyundaiGenesis 2011Medium
HyundaiGenesis 2012-15Short
HyundaiIoniq 2017Short
HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2013, 2015N/A
HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2017Extra Short
HyundaiSonata 2012Medium
HyundaiSonata 2013Short
HyundaiSonata 2017Extra Short
HyundaiSonata Sport 2.0T 2015Extra Short
HyundaiSonata Limited 2015N/A
HyundaiSonata HybridShort
HyundaiTucson 2011-15, 2017Medium
HyundaiVeloster 2012, 2014, 2017Short
HyundaiVeloster Turbo 2013N/A
HyundaiVeloster Turbo 2014Extra Short
InfinitiEX 2012N/A
InfinitiEX35Extra Long
InfinitiEX35 JourneyShort
InfinitiFX 2012N/A
InfinitiFX35Extra Long
InfinitiFX37 2013NA
InfinitiG SedanExtra Short
InfinitiG Convertible 2011Long
InfinitiG Convertible 2012Short
InfinitiG Convertible 2013Extra Short
InfinitiG Coupe 2011Long
InfinitiG Coupe 2012Short
InfinitiG Sedan 2012Extra Short
InfinitiG35 CoupeLong
InfinitiG35 Sports Sedan 2008Short
InfinitiG37, G37 Coupe pre-2013Extra Short
InfinitiG37 Coupe 2013Medium
InfinitiIPL-G Coupe 2013Medium
InfinitiJX 2012Short
InfinitiJX35 2013Short
InfinitiM 2014Medium
InfinitiM37X 2011Medium
InfinitiM37 2012Short
InfinitiM37 2013Medium
InfinitiQ50 2014Extra Short
InfinitiQ50 2017N/A
InfinitiQ50S Hybrid 2014N/A
InfinitiQ60 Coupe 2014-15Medium
InfinitiQ60 Convertible 2014Medium
InfinitiQ60 2017N/A
InfinitiQX 2012Extra Short
InfinitiQX30 2017N/A
InfinitiQX50 2014N/A
InfinitiQX50 2017N/A
InfinitiQX56 2012N/A
InfinitiQX56 2013Extra Short
InfinitiQX60 Hybrid 2014Short
InfinitiQX60 2017Extra Short
InfinitiQX70 2014N/A
InfinitiQX70 2015Extra Long
InfinitiQX70 2017Extra Long
InfinitiQX80 2014Extra Short
InfinitiQX80 2017N/A
JaguarF-type 2013Short
JaguarF-type 2014Medium
JaguarXF (all models) 2013Medium
JaguarXF 2014Short
JaguarXFR (all models)Medium
JaguarXJ <2011Short
JaguarXJ 2011, 2014N/A
JaguarXJ Range 2012N/A
JaguarXJL 2013N/A
JaguarXJR 2014N/A
JaguarXK Coupe < 2013Short
JaguarXK Coupe 2013Extra Short
JaguarXK Convertible <2011Short
JaguarXK Convertible 2011, 2014Extra Short
JaguarXK Range 2012Extra Short
JaguarXK Range Convertible 2012Extra Short
JaguarXKR Convertible <2011N/A
JaguarXKR 2011Extra Short
JaguarXKRS Coupe 2012Short
JaguarXR Coupe 2011Extra Short
JeepPatriot 2014Medium
JeepCherokee 2014Short
JeepCompass 2014Medium
JeepGrand Cherokee 2014Short
JeepGrand Cherokee SRT 2014Medium
JeepCherokee 2017N/A
JeepWrangler 2014Short
KiaForte KoupeShort
KiaForte SXN/A
KiaForte EX and Coupe 2012N/A
KiaForte EX 2017Extra Short
KiaK900 2017N/A
KiaNiro 2017Extra Short
KiaOptimaExtra Short
KiaOptima 2017N/A
KiaRio SX 2012N/A
KiaSedona EX 2012N/A
KiaSedona SXL 2017N/A
KiaSorento LXExtra Long
KiaSorento EX 2017Extra Short
KiaSorento SXMedium
KiaSorento LX 4WD 2012Long
KiaSoul 2012N/A
KiaSoul EV 2017N/A
KiaSportage lXMedium
KiaSportage EX AWD 2012Long
KiaSportage SX 2017Extra Long
LandroverLR2 HSE 2013Short
LandroverLR2 2014Short
LandroverLR4 2012Long
LandroverLR4 2013Medium
LandroverLR4 2014Short
LandroverRange Rover (all) 2011Medium
LandroverRange Rover 2014Extra Short
LandroverRange Rover Evoque Coupe 2012Medium
LandroverRange Rover Evoque Coupe 2015Extra Short
LandroverRange Rover Evoque 5 Door 2012Short
LandroverRange Rover Evoque 5 Door 2013Extra Short
LandroverRange Rover Evoque 2014Short
LandroverRange Rover Evoque 2016Extra Short
LandroverRange Rover HSE 2012Long
LandroverRange Rover Sport HSE 2012Long
LandroverRange Rover Sport 2014Short
LandroverRange Rover Sport HSE 2015-16N/A
LandroverRange Rover Sport Super Charged 2012Medium
LexusCT200hExtra Short
LexusCT200h Hybrid 2014Extra Short
LexusCT200 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
LexusES300h 2013Extra Short
LexusES300h Hybrid 2014Extra Short
LexusES350 <2010Long
LexusES350 2010N/A
LexusES350 2014Extra Short
LexusES350 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
LexusGS200 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
LexusGS350 <2011Extra Short
LexusGS350 2011N/A
LexusGS350 2012-14Extra Short
LexusGS350 F sport 2013N/A
LexusGS430Extra Short
LexusGS450, GS450hExtra Short
LexusGX460 2013-14N/A
LexusISCExtra Short
LexusISC 250/350 F Sport 2014 (mounts on middle of grill)Extra Short
LexusIS 250/350 F Sport 2014 (mounts on bottom of grill)Short
LexusIS250 2011, 2014N/A
LexusIS250 Convertible 2012Extra Short
LexusLS450 2011Extra Short
LexusLS460 2011Long
LexusLS460 2012Extra Short
LexusLS460 2013-14Short
LexusLS570Extra Short
LexusLX570 2012Extra Short
LexusLX570 2013N/A
LexusLX570 2014Short
LexusRC350F 2017 (mounts on the bottom)Short
LexusRX450H Hybrid 2014Extra Short
LexusRX350 2012Medium
LexusRX350 2013-14N/A
LexusRX350 F Sport 2014Short
LincolnMKS 2012-14Short
LincolnMKT 2012-14N/A
LincolnMKX 2012Short
LincolnMKX 2013-14N/A
LincolnMKZ Hybrid 2012, 2014N/A
LincolnMKZ 2012Medium
LincolnMKZ 2013Short
LincolnMKZ AWD 2014N/A
LincolnNavigator 2012-13N/A
MazdaMazda 2 <2011Long
MazdaMazda 2 >2011N/A
MazdaMazda 3N/A
MazdaMazda Speed 3 <2011Short
MazdaMazda Speed 3 2011N/A
MazdaMazda 5 GTLong
MazdaMazda 5N/A
MazdaMazda CX 5 2017Extra Short
MazdaMazda CX 7N/A
MazdaMazda CX 9N/A
MazdaMX-5 Miata <2010Short
MazdaMX-5 Miata 2010Long
MazdaMX5 Miata 2012-13Short
MazdaMX-5 Miata, Miata Sport 2010Long
MazdaMazda 6 <2013Short
MazdaMazda 6 2013, 2017Extra Short
MazdaRX 8 <2010N/A
MazdaRX 8 2010Long
MercedesAMG SLS 2012Long
MercedesAMG c63s Sedan 2017Medium
MercedesC classExtra Short
MercedesC class Cabriolet, Sedan 2017Short
MercedesC63 2012Extra Short
MercedesC250 2012Short
MercedesCL classN/A
MercedesC300 LuxuryMedium
MercedesC300 2011Extra Short
MercedesC300 2012-13Extra Short
MercedesC300 4 matic 2014N/A
MercedesC300W4 2015Short
MercedesC300 2017Short
MercedesC350 SportN/A
MercedesC350 Coupe 2014N/A
MercedesC350e 2017Extra Short
MercedesCLA 250 2014-15Extra Short
MercedesCLA 250 SPorts Package 2014N/A
MercedesCLA Coupe 2017Medium
MercedesCLK 350 CoupeMedium
MercedesCLK 430 CoupeMedium
MercedesCLK 63N/A
MercedesCLK 550/600Medium
MercedesCLS 550/600Short
MercedesCLS 55 CoupeN/A
MercedesCLS 550 4 matic Coupe 2014N/A
MercedesE250 Sedan 2014Short
MercedesE300 Sedan 2017Extra Short
MercedesE350 <2011N/A
MercedesE350 2011-13Extra Short
MercedesE350 2017Short
MercedesE350 4 matic 2012Extra Short
MercedesE350 Sedan 4 matic 2014Extra Short
MercedesE350 Sedan 2014Short
MercedesE350 Blue Tec 2012Short
MercedesE350 SportLong
MercedesE350 Convertible 2012Medium
MercedesE350 Cabriolet 2013Long
MercedesE350 Cabriolet 2014N/A
MercedesE350 Coupe 2013Long
MercedesE350 Coupe 2014N/A
MercedesE400 Hybrid 2013Short
MercedesE400 2017Medium
MercedesE55 AMGLong
MercedesE63 AMGExtra Short
MercedesE Class Sedan 2017Medium
MercedesG class 2014N/A
MercedesG class SUV 2017Extra Short
MercedesGL class 2012Short
MercedesGL 450 2013, 2014N/A
MercedesGL 550 2013N/A
MercedesGLA 250 2015Extra Short
MercedesGLA 250 2017Short
MercedesGLC 300 2017Short
MercedesGLC 300 SUV 2017Extra Short
MercedesGLK 250 2014N/A
MercedesGLK 550 2013N/A
MercedesGLE SUV 2016Medium
MercedesGLE SUV 2017Short
MercedesGLE Coupe 2017Short
MercedesGLE 350 2017Medium
MercedesGLS 450 2017Short
MercedesM classExtra Short
MercedesML350 2012-14N/A
MercedesR classMedium
MercedesS350 2012-13ExtraShort
MercedesS550 2011Extra Short
MercedesS550 2012Short
MercedesS550 2013Extra Short
MercedesS550 4 matic Sedan 2014N/A
MercedesS550e 2017Short
MercedesSL550/600 <2009Medium
MercedesSL550 2009-13N/A
MercedesSLK55 ConvertibleN/A
MercedesSLK250 2012-13N/A
MercedesSLS AMGExtra Long
MercedesSmartExtra Short
MercuryMilanExtra Short
MiniCamdenExtra Short
MiniCooperExtra Short
MiniCooper ClubmanExtra Short
MiniClubman 2012N/A
MiniClubman 2013-14Extra Short
MiniCooper HardtopExtra Short
MiniCooper SExtra Short
MiniCooper S 2014Short
MiniCooper S convertible >2011Extra Short
MiniCooper S convertible 2011Extra Short
MiniS Hardtop 2012Extra Short
MiniCountryman all4 2011N/A
MiniCountryman 2012Extra Short
MiniCountryman 2013-14N/A
MiniJohn Cooper Works <2011Short
MiniJohn Cooper Works 2014N/A
MiniJohn Cooper WorksExtra Short
MiniJohn Cooper Works with Aero kitN/A
MiniPaceman 2014N/A
MiniRoadster 2012, 2014Extra Short
MitsubishiEclipse CoupeMedium
MitsubishiEclipse SpiderMedium
MitsubishiEvo X 2011 GSRShort
MitsubishiGallant SportLong
Nissan350Z <2013N/A
Nissan370Z 2013Extra Short
Nissan370Z Touring 2014N/A
NissanAltima 2011-13, 2017Extra Short
NissanAltima 2014Short
NissanArmada 2011N/A
NissanArmada 2012Short
NissanArmada Platinum 2014Short
NissanCube 2012Short
NissanCube SL 2014Short
NissanGT-R 2013-14Short
NissanJuke SL 2012, 2014N/A
NissanLeaf 2011Long
NissanLeaf 2012-13Medium
NissanLeaf 2017Short
NissanMaxima 2011Medium
NissanMaxima 2012, 2014Short
NissanMaxima 2013Medium
NissanMaxima 2017Short
NissanMurano 2011Short
NissanMurano LE 2012, 2014Extra Short
NissanRogue SL 2014N/A
NissanPathfinder Hybrid 2014Medium
NissanSentra 2011Extra Short
NissanSentra 2012-13Medium
NissanSentra 2017Short
NissanSentra SL 2014Medium
NissanVersa 2011Extra Short
NissanVersa 2012Medium
NissanVersa Note SV 2014Extra Short
NissanVersa SL Sedan 2014N/A
NissanZ Roadster 2011N/A
NissanZ Roadster Tour 2012, 2014Short
Nissan370Z 2017N/A
PontiacG5 CoupeLong
PontiacG6 GT convertibleMedium
PontiacG6 GXPN/A
PontiacGTO 2004-2006Short
PorscheBoxster, Boxster S <2013Long
PorscheBoxster, Boxster S 2013-15Short
PorscheBoxster 2017Medium
Porsche911 - up to 2011 (997)Extra Short
Porsche911 Turbo - up to 2011 (997)Extra Short
Porsche911 - 2011-2014 (991)Extra Short
Porsche911 Turbo - 2011-2015 (991)Short
Porsche911 - 2013 (991) with Sport Design bumperMedium
Porsche911 Targa 4S 2017Extra Short
PorscheCayenne 2003-06, 2017Short
PorscheCayenne 2007-14Long
PorscheCayenne E Hybrid 2017Short
PorscheCayman, Cayman S 2006-2013Long
PorscheCayman, Cayman S 2014Short
PorscheCayman GTS 2015Short
PorscheCayman 718 2017Short
PorscheMacan 2014 (mounts on bottom-middle grill opening)Long
PorscheMacan 2017Short
PorscheMacan GTS 2017Extra Short
PorschePanamera 2010-13Long
PorschePanamera 2014-15 (mounts on bottom)Long
PorschePanamera Turbo 2017Short
PorschePanamera 4S 2017Short
Saab93 convertible <2011Medium
Saab93 Aero convertible 2011Short
Saab93 Aero Sport Sedan 2011Medium
Saab93X SportMedium
Saab95 SedanShort
Saab95 Aero Sedan 2011Extra Short
Saab97 SUVLong
SaturnAstra XRMedium
SaturnAura XE, XRN/A
SaturnSky, Sky RedlineLong
ScionIQ 2013N/A
ScionIQ 2014Short
ScionTC 2013Extra Short
ScionTC 2014N/A
ScionXB 2013-14Extra Short
ScionXD 2013Extra Short
ScionXD 2014Short
Smart CarPassion Cabriolet 2011Extra Short
Smart CarPassion Coupe 2011Extra Short
Smart CarPure Coupe 2011Extra Short
SubaruBRZ 2012-15Medium
SubaruBRZ 2016Short
SubaruBRZ 2017Extra Short
SubaruCrosstreck 2016-2017Short
SubaruCrosstreck PZE 2017Medium
SubaruForester 2011N/A
SubaruForester 2016Long
SubaruForester 2017Short
SubaruForester XT 2017Medium
SubaruImpreza URX 2011Short
SubaruImpreza 2011Long
SubaruImpreza 2013Extra Short
SubaruImpreza 2015Short
SubaruImpreza 2017Extra Short
SubaruImpreza Sport Limited 2015Short
SubaruImpreza Sport 2017Medium
SubaruLegacy 2011Medium
SubaruLegacy 2012Medium
SubaruLegacy 2013Short
SubaruLegacy 2015-2017N/A
SubaruLegacy 3.6R 2017Extra Short
SubaruLegacy PZE 2017Extra Short
SubaruOutback 2011Long
SubaruOutback 2012Short
SubaruOutback 2013Medium
SubaruOutback 2016-2017Extra Short
SubaruWRX 2012-13N/A
SubaruTribeca 2013Medium
SubaruWRX 2015-2017Short
SubaruWRX STI 2016N/A
SubaruWRX STI 2017Extra Short
TeslaModel S 2012-15 (mounts on upper panel)Medium
TeslaModel S 2012-14 (mounts on lower grill)Short
ToyotaAvalon 2011Short
ToyotaAvalon 2012Short
ToyotaAvalon 2013Extra Short
ToyotaCamry <2011N/A
ToyotaCamry 2011Medium
ToyotaCamry 4 Door 2012-13N/A
ToyotaCamry Hybrid 2012-14N/A
ToyotaCamry SE 2012Short
ToyotaCamry 2017Short
ToyotaCamry Solara ConvertibleLong
ToyotaCorolla 2011N/A
ToyotaCorolla 2014Extra Short
ToyotaCorolla 2017 (mounts on bottom)Short
ToyotaCorolla 4 Door 2012Medium
ToyotaCorolla 4 Door 2013N/A
ToyotaHighlander 2012N/A
ToyotaHighlander 2013Short
ToyotaHighlander, Hybrid 2017Extra Short
ToyotaFJ Cruiser 2014Medium
ToyotaLand Cruiser 2014N/A
ToyotaMatrix 2012-13Extra Short
ToyotaPrius <2011N/A
ToyotaPrius 2011Long
ToyotaPrius 2012Medium
ToyotaPrius 2013-14, 2017Short
ToyotaPrius Prime 2017N/A
ToyotaPrius V 2013N/A
ToyotaPrius Plug-In 2013Extra Short
ToyotaPrius C 2013Extra Short
ToyotaPrius C 2017Short
ToyotaRav 4 2011-13Medium
ToyotaRav 4 2014Short
ToyotaRav 4 2017N/A
ToyotaSienna 2010Long
ToyotaSienna 2012Short
ToyotaSienna 2010Long
ToyotaSienna 2014, 2017Medium
ToyotaSequoia 2014Extra Short
ToyotaTacoma 2012-2013Medium
ToyotaVenza 2011Short
ToyotaVenza 2013Extra Short
ToyotaVenza 2012, 2014Short
ToyotaYaris 2011, 2017N/A
ToyotaYaris 2012-13Short
ToyotaYaris 2014Extra Short
Toyota4 Runner 2014N/A
VolkswagenBeetle (mounts on lower faschia)Short
VolkswagenBeetle TDI 2013-15N/A
VolkswagenBeetle Turbo 2012N/A
VolkswagenBeetle GSR 2014N/A
VolkswagenBeetle Convertible 2014-15N/A
VolkswagenCC Sport <2011Extra Short
VolkswagenCC Sport 2011, 2014N/A
VolkswagenCC Sport 2012Extra Short
VolkswagenCC 2013Short
VolkswagenCC Luxe plus <2011N/a
VolkswagenEOS <2011Short
VolkswagenEOS 2011N/A
VolkswagenEOS Komfort 2014N/A
VolkswagenGolf 2014Short
VolkswagenGolf 2016N/A
VolkswagenGolf TDI 2011Medium
VolkswagenGolf TDI 2013Extra Short
VolkswagenGolf TDI 2014Short
VolkswagenGolf R 2016N/A
VolkswagenGolf R 2017Extra Short
VolkswagenGTI >2010 (mounts on lower faschia)Medium
VolkswagenGTI 2011 (mounts on lower faschia)Short
VolkswagenGTI 2010 (mounts on lower faschia)Long
VolkswagenGTI 2013Extra Short
VolkswagenGTI 2014-17N/A
VolkswagenJetta 2014Medium
VolkswagenJetta GLI 2013N/A
VolkswagenJetta Hybrid SELShort
VolkswagenJetta Hybrid 2014N/A
VolkswagenJetta TDIMedium
VolkswagenJetta 2017N/A
VolkswagenJetta TDI SEL 2015Short
VolkswagenJetta SE 2013Extra Short
VolkswagenJetta SEL 2011N/A
VolkswagenJetta Sportwagon 2013Extra Short
VolkswagenJetta Sportwagon SE 2014Extra Short
VolkswagenJetta S 2014Extra Short
VolkswagenPassat TDI 2013Extra Short
VolkswagenPassat TDI 2014N/A
VolkswagenPassat SEL 2011Short
VolkswagenPassat VR6Short
VolkswagenPassat wagonShort
VolkswagenPassat 2014-17N/A
VolkswagenPassat Wolfsburg Edition 2014Extra Short
VolkswagenRoutan SEN/A
VolkswagenTiguan 2011N/A
VolkswagenTiguan 2012Medium
VolkswagenTiguan SEL 2013Medium
VolkswagenTiguan, R Line 2014Long
VolkswagenTouareg <2011Short
VolkswagenTouareg 2011Extra Short
VolkswagenTouareg 2012Extra Short
VolkswagenTouareg TDI Executive 2014N/A
VolvoC30 T5Long
VolvoC30 T5 FWD 2011Short
VolvoC30 2012-13Short
VolvoC70 T5MLong
VolvoC70 2012Short
VolvoC70 T5 2011Short
VolvoS60 2012N/A
VolvoS60 2013Extra Short
VolvoS60 2014Short
VolvoS80 2011N/A
VolvoS80 2012-14Extra Short
VolvoS90 2017Extra Short
VolvoSC90, AWDShort
VolvoV60 2017N/A
VolvoXC60 2011-13N/A
VolvoXC60 2014Extra Short
VolvoXC60 TS 2017N/A
VolvoXC70 3.2 FWD 2011Extra Short
VolvoXC70 T6 AWD 2011Extra Short
VolvoXC90 V8 AWD 2011Short
VolvoXC70 2012, 2014N/A
VolvoXC90 2012Short
VolvoXC90 2013Extra Short
VolvoXC90 T8, T6 2017Short