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Skene & Calvert License Plate Bracket No Holes Front License Plate Mount
  • Don't want to drill unsightly holes through the front of your bumper?
  • Do you want an elegant, unobtrusive license plate mount that looks better than the stock model?
  • Do you need to mount a front license plate but don't want to pay over $200 to have a bracket painted to match your car?
  • Do you need to mount a plate for a fix-it ticket?

If so, the Skene & Calvert front license plate mount may be exactly what you've been looking for. Its sleek, minimalist design mounts under the bumper and makes it all but invisible. A low cost, low profile alternative to bulky, stock OEM brackets, this bracket does not require any holes be drilled into the front face of your bumper. It leaves virtually no trace if you plan to remove your plate at a later date. It also requires no expensive painting to match your car's color.
Two small, 7/64" holes are required on the lower surface of the bumper. These holes are virtually invisible should you remove the bracket in the future.

Fabricated from aluminum alloy, the license plate bracket is shipped complete with left and right brackets and all necessary stainless steel mounting hardware, and 4 stylish, stainless button-head socket screws to mount your license plate with. It even includes the 7/64" drill bit and an Allen key for ease of assembly.


  • 5 sizes fit virtually all vehicles
  • comes preassembled, with all mounting hardware
  • 5 minute installation can be done by anyone
  • clear, concise instructions included
  • Euro size fits European and US half size plates

Click the "Bracket Size" tab on the menu at the left to determine the correct size for your vehicle.

Designed and manufactured in the USA
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