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Low Profile Front License Plate Bracket

Our bracket comes in several sizes, depending upon the depth of your car's bumper. Some photos of the different sizes are shown here:

Skene Design license plate bracket dimensions
Extra Short bracket on Mini Cooper
Skene Design license plate bracket dimensions
Medium bracket on BMW M3 (E46)
Skene Design license plate bracket dimensions
Long bracket on Porsche Cayman

In the blue colored table below, scroll down to your car model to find the correct bracket size. If your car is not listed, use the sketch to determine which model best fits your car. If the bracket you order isn't quite right and needs to be exchanged for a shorter or longer size, just send us an email and we will ship you the new size along with a prepaid mailing label so you can return the original.

If you have a European license plate, choose the European model on the order page. Click the European link on the upper blue menu bar for photos of the Euro bracket

VEHICLE Bracket Size

The table below shows the bracket size for several popular vehicles. Scroll using the scroll bar on the right for the complete listing (N/A = not available due to insufficient depth)

( To open this table on a page of its own, click here.)

Vehicle scroll ↑ ↓ Size

If your car is not listed in the above table, measure the depth of your car's bumper as shown in the following sketch to determine the correct bracket size.
The measurement required is the available length of the under side of the bumper, measured from the front of the vertical face of the bumper to the grill.
If your bumper is curved you may need to use a slightly longer bracket to ensure that there is sufficient clearance at the center part of the license plate.

Note that the horizontal section of the bracket need not be perfectly horizontal, as the angle between the vertical and horizontal sections can be adjusted.
Please see our photo gallery to see how our bracket mounts on various cars.

Skene Design license plate bracket dimensions

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